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Deceased Credit File

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Dead on credit.

Deceased on credit report

Equifax, Trans Union, and Experian are the major credit reporting agencies.

Fair Credit Reporting Act controls all issues regarding credit reporting.

How Being Mistakenly Reported as Deceased Hurts You

  • Denials of Employment
  • Denials of Credit
  • Higher Interest Rates

Who are the five most likely businesses to mistakenly report you as deceased?

The first is Equifax. Equifax is a credit bureau and they regularly make errors in their credit reports. One type of error is when you have been mistakenly reported as deceased on your credit report. When this happens your credit score at Equifax will likely go to zero. If you apply for a loan and the lender uses Equifax to check your credit, you are will be denied that loan. So when Equifax report you as deceased, you have a major problem on your hands.

TransUnion is also a company that makes that reporting errors such as this. Everything that we just discussed with Equifax supplies TransUnion. The TransUnion is wrongly saying that you're dead, and you have a valid lawsuit against TransUnion for false credit reporting.

Experian is also a credit reporting agency that makes the same mistakes. Just like Equifax and Transunion, Experian may report you as dead because of several reasons just like the other credit bureaus.

Your credit card company can also be responsible for saying that your dad. Many times a credit card company or a large Bank like American Express, Bank of America, Synchrony Bank, Capital One will get false information from third parties and report it to the credit bureaus to then put it on your credit report.

The Social Security Administration also makes these types of errors by falsely putting people on the master file index.

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