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Fair Credit Reporting Act is a federal law that governs your credit reports and puts requirements of the credit bureaus and creditors that report information to them about your payment history.

Without this law, your credit report would likely contain an enormous amount of inaccurate information, and you would have no recourse against them.

Fortunately, for you, the FCRA allows you to file a lawsuit to demand the credit reporting agencies fix your credit report to make it accurate and complete, pay you damages for putting you thru it, and paying your attorney directly.

Fair Credit Reporting Act Attorney Near Atlanta 
When you look online for how to handle mistakes and inaccurate credit reporting, most of the information that you find will be provided by the credit bureaus or by companies that are credit reporting and/or selling some type of financial product.

For most people, they are led to believe that if you dispute an inaccuracy on your credit report and it is not removed, your next step should be to contact The FTC or Federal Trade Commission. Wrong.

The other terrible advice I read on almost every website concerning this topic recommends that you should contact the CFPB, which is the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

This may help consumers more broadly in years to come as more and more data is compiled but disputing to the CFPB will likely have little impact on your current situation.

The correct answer is to contact a fair credit reporting act attorney to take care of your situation and to demand that the credit reporting agencies correct the inaccurate information, pay you damages for all they have put you thru, and to pay for your FCRA attorney directly. 

FCRA Attorney for Victims of Identity Theft 
Victims of identity theft may have some difficulty removing certain accounts from their credit reports. The credit reporting agencies are well known to not easily remove fraudulent accounts.

If you have already disputed fraudulent account on your credit report and they remain You should contact I consumer attorney to help you implement your federal rights. The law firm of Joseph P. McClelland, LLC can assist you when you are ready.

Credit Report Attorney in Atlanta For Inaccurate Credit Reports 
Credit reporting attorneys can help you force the credit bureaus to correct such an accurate information such as incorrect balances, missed payments, not included in bankruptcy accounts, misapplied mortgage funds, fraudulent accounts, identity theft accounts, accounts that are too old or obsolete, next credit files, merged credit files, and credit reports that just plain wrong.

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