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Is Something INACCURATE on Your Credit Report?
We help you get errors off your credit report 
WHEN the credit bureaus won't listen.

We make the companies that hurting your credit pay you damages plus our fees and costs directly. 
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This Works for:
Accounts created by identity theft
Accounts that aren't yours
Accounts where the information is incorrect 
Delinquencies older than 7 years from last payment
Credit bureaus reporting different information
Unlike credit repair agencies, we make them pay you for the damage it caused. 
We don't accept payments directly from clients.
Force them to remove all errors 
We force them write you a check
 Only pay us when we make them pay
In Case You Were Curious Who I Am
Talking about myself is probably the activity I hate most...seriously it's the worst. That being said, most of you don't know me and I am asking you to give me money for my knowledge, so I should tell you a little bit about why this is an awesome deal for you!

I have been a digital marketer and entrepreneur for over 10 years. I launched my first startup while I was still in college called Loot. My partner and I raised several million dollars in venture funding, acquired hundreds of thousands of users and had close to 20 employees before we sold the company.

After Loot I launched Startup Drugz, an ecommerce store selling entrepreneurial themed gear. Startup Drugz did over $300k in sales in its first year and since then I have been obsessed with ecommerce and Facebook advertising.

Throughout the last few years I have coached countless entrepreneurs and helped them take their businesses to the next level with advanced Facebook advertising strategies.

During this time I also co-founded an agency with the original Shark from Shark Tank, Kevin Harrington. Our agency runs Facebook ads and sales funnels for some of the biggest companies in the world like 3M. We also launch our own products and earned a 2 Comma Club award from ClickFunnels for building a funnel that generated over $1M in revenue. In fact, we generated $4.5M from a single product in just 4 months.

I am frequently invited to speak about Facebook advertising at some of the biggest and most prestigious events and masterminds in the world. This includes an invite only mastermind for the top 25 marketers on Shopify (sponsored by Shopify) and Ezra Firestone's Ecom Allstars Conference. I've been featured on many podcasts including ClickFunnel's Funnel Hacker Radio and Shopify's Shopify Masters podcast.

While all of these accomplishments are exciting, I can honestly say that this Academy is the thing I am most proud of in my entire business career! I am excited for you to join me inside and to help you take your business to the next level.
Joseph McClelland has spent countless hours in court representing clients. It is his love. 

Joseph McClelland started his legal career overseas fighting for international human rights in Moscow. He worked with one of first human rights organizations in the country.

It wasn’t until a family member almost lost everything and he was called on as the last line of defense that Joseph learned his truest calling – defending consumers against greedy corporations, collectors and credit bureaus. 

Now, it is all he does. He loves it. You have a defender on your side that won’t back down. He will treat you like family. He is committed to helping you regain control of your situation.
Let him make your life easier. Are we claiming too much? We don't think so. We've worked hard to earn our reputation. We work just as hard to keep it.

He is a member of the National Association of Consumer Advocates.
What Our Clients Say About Us
“I have found him very conscientious and extremely through throughout the gambit of legal venues he has been called upon to address for my family and I would highly recommend Mr. McClelland. As for me personally, he is my first choice, and will be my attorney for life!”
Charles K.
“Wow, what a great lawyer to have on your side!! Mr. McClelland gets the job done in a timely and very professional manner!! I loved his energy and willingness to go that extra mile!! Great lawyer, Thanks for a job well done”
James C.
How much does this cost?
We only charge money if we file a lawsuit and recover funds on your behalf.
What do I need to do?
We need to have a conversation to see what you have done and what your next steps are.
How much is my case worth?
It all depends. Each case is different.
How long does it take?
Generally, it will take a few months (or longer), but then it's over forever! 
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